I will be sharing parenting tips which are essential for all parents and would-be parents. Good parenting is important because it helps to achieve the following:

  • High moral values – ensures that children grow up with good morals and honesty.
  • Self-confidence – instills confidence in children knowing they can grow up and achieve greatness.
  • Family Corporation – Children corporates as parents listen to them and therefore vice versa, facilitating good communication too.
  • Happiness and Cheerfulness – Happy kids contributes to a happy home. (Read my article on YEARS FLY QUICKLY MAKE LASTING MEMORIES WITH KIDS) Children with high morality and self-confidence are likely to have cheerful countenance.
  • Motivation – Parents are able inspire and instill confidence in their children thereby motivating them.

Good Parenting also protects children from bad behaviors and curbs;

  • Fear or Anxiety
  • Drug Abuse
  • Stubbornness

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The first parenting tip is spending quality time with your children. This is needed because kids grow up quickly before you know it. Spending quality time facilitates family bonding; because parents and their children spend more time communicating, hence knowing and understanding themselves. Through such communications and interactions parents are able to influence and control their children thus instilling the appropriate moral values in their children. Read my article on “YEARS FLY QUICKLY MAKE LASTING MEMORIES WITH KIDS” to note some of the ways we can spend quality time with kids.

Author’s Experience
As a parent and a working mum I spend quality time with my child each day. I do my best to get home on time, feed dinner, bath and put my child to sleep. Honestly it can be difficult at times so I get my mum to help, bless her. On weekends my husband and I take our child to his friend’s or playground to keep him excited whiles bonding with him at the same time. As often as we can, we go for shopping together as a family. We combine all these with our own activities as parents, but where necessary we seek family assistance. I believe as parents, we should never sideline kids because of our busy schedules. We should spend quality times that bring lasting memories to our children and ourselves.
I invite parents and guardians to share how they spend quality time with their children so other parents can take note and emulate where possible.

“Be kind to a woman and a child today”……


Getting Pregnant – A Life Changing Experience

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time for women who are ready to do so. This period could be full of anxiety depending if it’s a first time or you are trying to have another baby. It is very crucial for women to get certain facts right in order to be prepared physically, mentally or financially among others. Such preparedness is important because the woman would have to go through almost a year of life changing experiences. There is also the need to know the right time to have sex, know when you are ovulating, what to avoid when you are trying to conceive and others as such.
Before conceiving the woman should do and consider the below;



Prepare the Body

It is important to get your body ready to conceive. Well balanced meal is encouraged with increase intake of iron, fish, vegetables and fruits. Ensure that you are fit and your general health or well-being is in shape. Three (3) tips to remember in preparing the body:

1. Diet or Nutrition – eat well-balanced meals with deserts.

2. Body Fitness –  keep your body in shape.

3. General health – you should be generally well before getting pregnant, that is you should be in good health.

It is important to seek expert or professional advice in getting the body prepared for pregnancy.

Get Your Life Ready for a Baby

You must prepare your life to conceive. Starting a family is an important decision that must be thought through with care. The woman must be prepared for a year’s journey and beyond after giving birth. The couple involved should ensure they have the right relationship because they are bringing a “little one” into the world whose needs must be catered for. Having the right relationship also creates a healthy environment for the baby to grow.

The couple could deliberate on many questions such as below and answer them in the best way they can before considering getting pregnant: 

1. Are you ready to parent a child? This comes with child care responsibilities. Remember you have to be working alongside other family and life commitments.

2. Do you have a good support system? Couples or parents must be ready to support each other; especially the men supporting the women throughout nine months of pregnancy.

3. Are you ready to sacrifice your night sleep? Your sleeping pattern would be affected tremendously once you have a baby. Sleepless nights are involved in the care of babies.

4. Whether you are financially sound to have a baby or if you are trying for another child consider if you can afford the cost of raising extra kids.

5. Foregoing some commitments because you have a baby. For example you cannot attend certain social gatherings with new-born babies.

6. Are you ready to give 24 hours attention? Babies require maximum attention.


Giving birth has tremendous impact on your life. The couple involved would have to adjust different aspects of their lives in order to cope with a new arrival. Some end up being overwhelm because their whole life style and their attitudes and perception change. Couple would have to ensure they are well prepared before making this important and life changing decision. Remember you are bringing a new life into the world whose needs must be catered for until they are able to do so themselves; even so parenthood never ends. I am a parent, I can take care of myself but my mum still assist in taking care of my child and I guess that is the story of many mothers.

In summary, motherhood is a continuous process; therefore women should consider and prepare themselves  before taken this major role. Most importantly, baring in mind that the baby coming into this world must have all the attention and love needed to survive. Parents should also save towards their babies, as they would depend on them until they grow up into adults. Women should ensure they are well prepared before taken on this  important and life changing experience.

” Be kind to a woman and a child today”…..


Women who participate in politics are highly admired by many because women empowerment has been a talked about subject in most part of the world. The imminent district assembly election in the country has attracted a number of women which is good for the future of women participation in politics. Following the publications of all aspirants for the upcoming district assembly elections by The Daily Graphic Newspaper some of the visions of the female aspirant included but not limited to developmental issues such as tackling poor sanitation, unemployment, disability, girl-child education and poverty. They are all motivated by how these issues particularly affected children and the youth in their communities.

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The participation of women in politics reflects how representative a government is in the society and this is very important for most governments especially in the western world and developing countries. It is important to look at the below viewpoints:

The involvements of female aspirants facilitate healthy participation and encourages competition

It also brings different perspective in that men and women do have different ways of doing or tackling same issues though both can have the same outcome.

The challenge or question however is; how experienced or educated are these women to take up the role of DCE’s (District Chief Executive). Are they well prepared to lead their male counterparts to curb developmental issues encountered in their districts? On the other hand would the women with the requisite experience and education be interested in these elections? If NO, then what can be done to attract more of such women to participate in future political arenas like the parliamentary elections. Are husbands supportive of their wives participating in politics? Are organizations’ and institutions responsible for women affairs doing enough to support women in politics? Is Funding or education preventing participation of women in politics? Do these barriers contribute to non-participation?

What do you think share your view, thought or comment?………………………

“Be kind to a woman and a child today”……


With the realities of adulthood, parenthood and busy work schedules, parents after work have little or no energy left to spend time with their kids. During childhood I relished being around my parents and siblings, though dad was not always around he ensured we had memorable times when he was. I jumped with joy when we could all sit around the table, eat and have lengthy chat about everything and anything. Such moments helped me to bond with my parents and siblings till date. It is important for parents and guardians to cultivate the habit of spending quality time with kids, children or teenagers. Working and bringing money home is very important but spending quality time with kids that brings lasting memories is indeed priceless.

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Some years back fathers were solely responsible for taking care of the family in terms of housekeeping money, children school fees, hospital bills among others. This gave mothers the time needed to cater for the children allowing them to spend meaningful and quality time not requiring the service of baby sitters. With economic and financial difficulties around the world, has arisen the need for both parents to work to support the family. Mothers have to return to work three months after giving birth and therefore requiring the service of baby sitters in most cases. Children end up spending more time with teachers, friends or family; as a result the little time spent with them should be special and precious to parents and especially the kids. After work parents must focus on spending time with their children and ensure they have quality moments together. You do not have to spend a whole day with kids to make them happy; spending quality time brings the bonding and relationship that last for years. Spending priceless essential time with children give them opportunity to;

1. Know their parents

2. Know how their parents live and

3. Understand them better

Those little moments like driving to the shop to buy groceries, watching kid’s movies, dinner at home or restaurant, shopping for their clothes among others are ways of spending meaningful time. It is surprising that some kids, children or teenagers do not know the profession of their parents or where they work or their friends. The truth is some kids are simply not bothered because their parents are not interested in their activities and therefore vice versa. A child must know their parents especially how they live their lives. Most children who watch and follow their parents closely end up being like them. I have grown to see many lawyers, pastors, bishops, doctors, tailors, teachers, hairdressers, businessmen and nurses among other professionals, have kids who have grown up and taken their profession. Do you think your child want to grow up and be like you? I do not see anything wrong for a child to have a parent as a role model. I recommend parents to take note of below activities;

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Children Love Playing Grounds

With the proliferation of shopping malls and children play grounds it has become much easier for parents and guardians to visit with kids. Thankfully they are not too expensive. The main reason for such outings is for kids to spend meaningful time with parents and make lasting memories. Occasionally parents can take pictures and frame them, as well as “selfies” which are now very popular. In addition walking is also encouraged. These walks help kids to enjoy fresh air and are good exercise routine for the family. During these walks, parents and kids get the chance to talk and discuss issues concerning their lives.

Family Gatherings

Having regular and occasional family meetings are very essential in building lasting family relationships. These must be explained to children as times when they can share their views on family issues and other happenings in their lives. Such gatherings encourage children to open up to their parents and tell them what they are going through. More so, going on planned family vacations are also encouraged. These should not necessary involve traveling long distances but just to give kids different exposures outside the home and appreciate spending time with parents. Family dinners at home or restaurants also gives opportunities for families to share memories; remember to choose kids favorite spots and preferred menu so they can have fun. When children get excited they easily chat and share their views.

Activity Participation

Parents must be interested in the activities of their kids. Both parents should assist with their kids’ assignments, know their teachers and friends. Birthdays must be celebrated not necessary having a big celebration but with a cake, few family and friends around kids get excited and value such memories for the rest of their lives. Parents must be interested in the activities of their children such as going for piano or swimming lessons or singing rehearsals, as this make them happy. Attending kids’ school meetings, playing ground activities or their friends’ birthdays make them feel important and loved too.


In conclusion, parents can invite their kids to take part in home improvements like painting and gardening. House chores such as washing of plates, tiding up the home or garages are also encouraged. Parents must take such opportunities to teach their kids how to keep a home as this makes them have a sense of belonging. Remember if you want your kid to grow up to be a responsible adult, spending time with him or her is very important. I urge parents that no matter how busy their work schedule or lifestyle is, to make conscious effort to spend time with their kids, children or teenagers. You must also remember that years do fly quickly and your child will grow up before you know it, enjoy them whiles they are young. If you do not, someone else would and if it’s a bad influence you would have to live with the guilt for the rest of your life, start NOW!!


“Be kind to a woman and a child today”…..


STOP IT, SHUT UP, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT, NO WAY, NO!!!! Are common phrases or words often heard once we are around children or teenagers. The development of children constitutes crucially  to their whole being. Attitudes and behaviors form part of this developmental process. Because Children are very sensitive; parents and guardians must guard the words and phrases they use in communication.Parents or guardians have experience instances where toddlers will be moaning or grumbling or instances where teenagers get into heated arguments because they did not get what they wanted or just got“NO”  for an answer. With busy schedules as parents or guardians; combining parenting, work, education, church and other activities; result in being overwhelmed which can lead to unguarded  words or phrases in communicating with children. Admittedly it can be incredibly difficult to choose words or phrases carefully in heated arguments or conversations; however we should always remember that words do have momentous impact on kids or teenagers especially when they are repeated. Harsh or accusing words can easily mare the relationship we have with kids.


I am encouraging parents and guardians to REFRAIN from using words and phrases below:

  • “What is wrong with you or what is going on with you” – These phrases and others related make a child change his attitude or behavior feeling very shameful. The child immediately feels guilty which might not necessarily be the reason for his action but other factors such as moods, earlier experiences, and anticipation among others.An example is my toddler washing his favorite yellow toy truck in the sofa; after I Ieft him briefly to go to the kitchen. Upon my return the sofa was soaked with water. Do I just yell at him or rather think through his action? Did he do that on purpose or because he needed attention, felt neglected or probably doing what daddy does just that his action was executed on the sofa rather than the driveway… Guess the answer! Parents and guardians must carefully think through their actions especially towards children before they embark on them….
  •  “You are driving me crazy”: This could be the case sometimes but we must desist  from speaking or shouting such phrases or words as they can have adverse effect on  the behaviors of children. In most cases such a phrase will rather worsen the situation being dealt with and can have negative effect on existing relationships.
  •  “I will kill you if you don’t stop”: Children and teenagers will eventually grow up. Such phrases put fear into kids and if proper measures are not adhered to; they grow up to be very timid and dull. Abstaining from such phrases that bring change through fear and violence is encouraged so that kids do not grow up and intimidate others.

Dealing with the individual behaviours of children, kids or teenagers is very important as they have different personalities, even twins. Addressing a problem at hand is also crucial in eliminating the use of intimidation, fear or guilt in solving wrong behaviors.  Often times these strategies do not work or achieve the required outcome but rather paint a problematic child which might not be the case.

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Learn to speak positive words and phrases to children, as they can either make or break them. It is good to caution them when they behave or act wrongly but this must be done with utmost care. The use of phrases like “I would rather you stop this…” “I do not like it when you……” “That is not a good behavior….”  are encouraged. Explaining to children the reason why they are being cautioned on a bad behavior helps in their future actions as well as how they can behave in a different and better manner next time. Remember a happy child contributes in making a happy Home.

“Be kind to a woman and a child today”…..


The thriving of a child largely depends on experiences he or she goes through both at home and the outside world. A child must experience a steady and continuing care by a loving, nurturing caretaker, whether that person is a parent, guardian or temporary caregiver. The security and support that such an adult can provide contribute in shaping the child which consequently impacts on their self-confidence and general well-being.

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In order to mature emotionally and socially, children must interact with people outside their home. Such interactions typically occur with close relatives with friends; neighbors; and people at child care sites, schools, churches, and the like. By coping with the minor pressures and conflicts inherent in these interactions, children gradually acquire the skills to handle more significant stressors. Children also learn by watching how the adults in their lives handle distress.
However, certain major events, such as illness and divorce, may challenge and have adverse effect child’s abilities to cope with the outside world. These events may also interfere with the child’s emotional and social development. For example, a chronic illness may prevent a child from participating in activities and also impair performance in school.
Events affecting the child may also have negative consequences for people close to the child. Everyone who cares for a sick child is under stress. The consequences of such stress vary with the nature and severity of the illness and with the family’s emotional resources and other resources and supports.

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Studies have shown that a high percentage of children receive child care outside the home before they start school. Many children aged between 5 and 12 also receive care outside the home before or after school. Sources of care include relatives, neighbors, qualified and unqualified care providers and child care centers. Care can also be provided in the home by a relative or nanny. Child care outside of the home varies in quality. The bigger question lies on the care given to children outside the home. Some care are excellent, others are very poor. Care outside of the home can also have benefits. Children can benefit from the social and academic stimulation of quality child care. Parents must therefore take careful consideration in deciding who takes care and where to take their children as this impact immensely on the very survival of their children who are our Future leaders.

Be Kind to a woman and a child today”